How to Write Perfect Press Releases: Essentials

Conquer the fundamentals of writing effective press releases and understanding the news cycle

This four-hour writing press releases course focuses on the essential elements of successful written communication with journalists.

What You’ll Learn: How news is made, best practices for structuring and editing press releases

What makes a story news? How do reporters decide what to cover and where do they find stories? What determines which stories lead the news agenda or go viral? With insights from reporters and editors who are making the news, you’ll learn how journalists think and reveal the secrets of their decision making – helping you develop your own “nose for news”.

You’ll know that journalists receive hundreds of press releases a week – we’ll focus on how you can make yours stand out. We’ll share tips from editors whose inboxes are constantly overflowing and give you a clear understanding of how to craft eye-catching subject lines and opening paragraphs. You’ll go home with a checklist to use before hitting send in the future.

How you’ll learn

This two-module course on writing press releases will be led by an excellent trainer and practitioner who will share their practical expertise through presentations, discussion and practical exercises – ensuring you have the opportunity to reinforce your learning and test your understanding.

Who the course is for

This course is for you if you want to level-up your press release skills and steal a march on the opposition. Follow up with our Writing Press Releases Advanced to refine and build your skills.

BOOK AS AN INDIVIDUAL: Check out the scheduled dates below and book your place now. This will be a remote course. 

BOOK FOR YOUR TEAM: The course will be tailored to your needs and can be delivered remotely or in your offices. Get in touch using the button below to discuss times and dates for bespoke training. 

Course Modules

What Makes News?

  1. What makes a news story
  2. News sources and demographics
  3. Hard and ‘soft’ news
  4. Recognising fact and opinion
  5. Knowing your audience

Press Release Fundamentals

  1. What is a press release for?
  2. Toplines: getting on the news agenda
  3. Headlines, intro and structure
  4. Principles of clarity and style
  5. How to edit a press release
press releases course - journalist students

How to Write Perfect Press Releases: Essentials

Conquer the fundamentals of writing effective press releases and understanding the news cycle

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What our students say

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I made amazing friends, amazing memories and now it has led me to an amazing job which I never would have gotten without my time at Press Association.  

Holly Bishop
, Digital Reporter
, GB News

It’s a great place to make connections – networking with teachers, guest speakers and fellow students can be key to gaining advice or even job opportunities during and after the course. 

James Saunders
, Digital News Reporter
, GB News 

I was able to count on excellent teachers and professionals who helped me push my limits and achieve my goals. I was impressed by the quality of the course and the motivation teachers put into it. It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!

Laure Poncet
, Research Officer
, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

The team is flexible, slick, well-resourced and overall simply first class. Their expertise and knowledge have been invaluable. I was delighted with our choice, so I’d have no hesitation in recommending them

Prostate Cancer UK
, Head of External Relations

The small class sizes nurture a comfortable environment where everyone supports and learns from each other. The staff helped me hone in on my writing skills and develop the confidence to feel comfortable on camera.

Camilla Foster
, Reporter
, Newsquest

PA Media Training were efficient, well organised and genuinely lovely people to deal with and, importantly for us, able to provide flexibility around our needs to create the bespoke training we required. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them for further training or to recommend them to other organisations.

Mayor of London’s Press Office
, Head of Media

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