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PA Media Academy undertakes subcontracting agreements as part of its apprenticeship offer where this will add value to the quality of our delivery or fill gaps in niche or expert provision.

Our subcontracting arrangements are in-line with the ESFA’s funding rules and guidance for subcontracting with delivery providers. A declaration is made by PA Media Academy to the ESFA annually declaring any subcontractors used. 

PA Media Academy is a lead provider and delivers the following apprenticeships:

L3 Content Creator

L4 Public Relations and Communications Assistant

L5 Journalist

L7 Senior Journalist

We deliver all content on these apprenticeship standards, except for Functional Skills English and Maths training. This delivery is subcontracted to Runway Training which provides dedicated tuition to apprentices who have not achieved these qualifications or their equivalent. 

Quality Assurance of subcontracted provision

At all times PA Media Academy retains clear and transparent accountability for this training provision including carrying out due diligence in the procurement process and quality assurance. There is close monitoring of the provision by the Apprenticeship Training Manager through monthly updates and annual inspections of provision. Any disputes between the employer and Runway Training are resolved by PA Media Academy.

Subcontract funding 

Functional skills are subcontracted to Runway Training at the exact ESFA funding rate. PA Media Academy does not charge Runway Training a management fee for delivery of Functional Skills. Quality assurance costs are absorbed in our broader revenue streams.

Contract with subcontractor

A contract is in place between PA Media Academy and Runway Training specifying the following services are delivered: 

  • Maintain clear and auditable records to track and monitor learner progress in line with current funding guidelines
  • Provide supporting evidence including but not limited to certificates, learning logs, registers and course evaluation forms
  • Regularly provide learner updates and reports as agreed with PA Media Academy

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