Newsletter Strategy Essentials: Content and Audiences

Understand formats and start goal-setting to build an audience who engages with your content

This four-hour course will give you a newsletter strategy toolkit, help you monitor your success and build a long-term plan for audience growth and engagement.  

What you’ll learn: How to build a newsletter, measure its success and become essential reading

Are you thinking about launching a newsletter but unsure where to start? This course will give you the confidence to finally take the leap, and the tools needed to do so.   

You’ll begin with a deep dive into the world of audience, from how to identify who yours is – and what they want – to the best ways to measure growth and loyalty. You’ll also learn all about the different types of newsletter, as well as the common mistakes people often make and, crucially, how to measure your success.   

The course will then cover the content of your newsletter, from how to make sure your idea and voice is unique, to how to add value to all of your mailouts.   

You’ll leave brimming with ideas on how to take your newsletter to the next level and invaluable tips on how to encourage sign-ups and retain subscribers, with an editor guiding you through how to build an audience strategy.   

How you’ll learn 

Your newsletter strategy course will be led by an experienced editor and trainer who will share their expertise through presentations, discussion and practical exercises – ensuring you have opportunity to reinforce your learning and test your understanding.  

Who the course is for  

This course is for anyone thinking about launching a newsletter, whether it would be part of your day job or a personal project. Delegates should have basic writing skills – this course does not cover topics such as grammar, punctuation or how to structure an article.  

We also offer a day-long version of this course which includes a guided workshop.

We currently offer this course as bespoke training for teams and can deliver it remotely, or in your offices. Get in touch using the button below to discuss times and dates, as well as how we can tailor it to your needs. 

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Course Modules

Launching A Newsletter That Works

  1. How newsletters build audience, loyalty and brand
  2. Knowing your audience and what they want
  3. Newsletter formats
  4. Common pitfalls to avoid
  5. Measuring newsletter success

Growing Subscribers and Long-Term Engagement

  1. Setting a purpose and goals for your newsletter
  2. Good design and user experience
  3. Sign-up messaging for subscribers
  4. Engagement and long-term recruitment
  5. Adding value and becoming essential reading

Newsletter Strategy Essentials: Content and Audiences

Understand formats and start goal-setting to build an audience who engages with your content

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What our students say

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Being equipped with an NCTJ Diploma does massive favours for your future, and the skills the course taught me are ones I lean on every single day. The simple fact is, I wouldn’t be where I am without that course. 

Alex Barker
, Videographer & Presenter
, The Athletic

I was able to count on excellent teachers and professionals who helped me push my limits and achieve my goals. I was impressed by the quality of the course and the motivation teachers put into it. It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!

Laure Poncet
, Research Officer
, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

It’s a great place to make connections – networking with teachers, guest speakers and fellow students can be key to gaining advice or even job opportunities during and after the course. 

James Saunders
, Digital News Reporter
, GB News 

I really could not recommend Press Association enough to anyone who is looking to jump into the fascinating world of journalism. The course equips you with all the necessary skills you need to enter the industry and the wide range of topics covered leaves it hard for you to ever feel bored.

Holly Bishop
, Digital Reporter
, GB News

The small class sizes nurture a comfortable environment where everyone supports and learns from each other. The staff helped me hone in on my writing skills and develop the confidence to feel comfortable on camera.

Camilla Foster
, Reporter
, Newsquest

My time at PA Training was a whirlwind of fun and excitement. The full-time NCTJ course in London is fast-paced and hard work but perfectly sets you up for what to expect in a reporter role.

Camilla Foster
, Reporter
, Newsquest

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